Ensuring Security of Application & Service with Chip Fingerprint

楊青松Evans Yang

熵碼科技 執行副總


Security on Chip has become one of the key instruments to unlocking the full potential of IoT, AI, Automotive, and Fintech technologies. Major incidents highlight the importance of chip security in the protection against different types of attacks throughout the product lifecycle. While software alone can only mitigate vulnerabilities to a certain degree, hardware measures establish firm foundations for device security as it expands protection, starting from the design.

Safeguarding chips with a Hardware Root of Trust has become the focal point of security. However, the conventional key injection procedure is costly and may pose leakage threats. Physically Unclonable Function (PUF), on the other hand, utilizes variation from manufacturing to derive one-of-a-kind “fingerprint” for chips. Such inborn randomness enables critical security functions including unique ID, tRNG, and secure storage.

By incorporating supportive crypto hardware, we arrive at a True PUF-based Hardware Root of Trust. The all-in-one integrated solution is capable of taking care of all required security functions throughout the product lifecycle. Such compact design can also maintain a security boundary for keeping sensitive information or assets intact. Finally, products and services become secure as protection from the hardware level extends all the way to OS and APPs.


Dr. Yang was appointed Executive Vice President of PUFsecurity, a PUF-based security IP solutions company and the subsidiary of eMemory, in 2019. He leads the research team on developing PUF-based hardware security functions and solutions, as well as the sales and marketing team on market development.

Dr. Yang joined eMemory in 2000 as one of the founding members. Since 2014, Dr. Yang has been the Vice President with focuses on corporate development strategy. Dr. Yang graduated from National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU) with a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering. He holds over 150 worldwide patents and published more than 50 technical papers. He is one of the inventors in eMemory proprietary NVM technology portfolios. He is also one of the major contributors as an author of the book titled "Logic Non-Volatile Memory".

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